Monday, February 11, 2019

5 Highly Addictive Adventure Online Games You Must Try
One of the most adored genres of video games or online games is adventure games whether it is action-adventure, shooting-adventure or others. They are the kind of games where you get the most addictive and tempted to cross level and levels. Sometimes you even frustrated getting stuck in a particular level. I have great news New game, new block design and a more relaxed background. 

GoActionGames has more than 20 action games, all free to play online. try it now for free here:
1.      Room Escape

 Room Escape is designed with sketched-graphics with a very minimalistic design which really attracts. You are a girl and you need to escape the room without getting eaten by this monster who is running restlessly around the room. All you need to do is get the key and go the door to escape. You must avoid the monster as if you came anywhere near he will eat you. Use the rectangular boxes to kill monsters or protect yourself.

Boy Adventurer  Boy   Adventurer is an ideal looking adventure game with some really cool graphics. The game has quicker response and efficient in playing. The boy in one adventure trip with a cowboy hat is supposed to collect all the gold coin in his way.  You can use arrow keys to move forward and backwards. Another fun is to slide on the ground using downward and the directional arrow key when there is a steep tunnel. There will be some zombies on which you need to jump to kill otherwise you will die once they come near you.  Play ‘Boy Adventurer’ Now >>>

1.       Zombie Buster Zombie Buster is quite a fun zombie game where you suppose to blow up the zombies with explosives. If you have bored shooting zombies, here is the next level thing. In Zombie Buster, zombies are placed in different locations while you are to throw explosives, choosing certain power and projectile to destroy more. You have to point the grenade in the right direction to attack these zombies. It is quite funny to see exploding pieces of the zombies.

The graphics of the game are impressive. There are some limited levels to play where each time obstacles between you and zombies to throw explosive become less. Play here zombie buster
1.       Dead City - Dead City is, as the name suggests, you are in the dark alley of a dead city where zombies are running towards you. You are standing on the one side of the alley. It is a first perspective traditional zombie shooting game. It’s not zombies coming at you but also wild dogs and monsters as well. After every six shots, you need to reload so make sure you do that, otherwise, next moment you will be dead in the game and a zombie’s pathetic face will be hovering on the screen.

2.       Pac-Man is that one classic game which you have seen all the time through ages. Everybody loves it as it seems fun and easy to play. Well, necessarily not! It is quite challenging, even get frustrating when you cannot win it. The game has been made decades ago but its still challenges and quite strategic if you see  Play more Pacman games here – pacman online

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